Singular Stories of Our Products’ Success

The ElleVance Team have all personally experienced the benefits of our products and are inspired every day by the transformative stories we hear from our customers. Please let us know if you would like to share your ElleVance experience with our community.


“The sports oil has really helped with my insomnia that I have had all my life, nothing else that I have tried has helped at all.”

-Sharon, Devon


“Thank you very much for the info, I have received your “complete oil” today, I only ordered it Sunday. Great service thank you!”

–  Trudie, UK


“The oil really reduced my sciatica pain making it bearable, also it helped a lot with my sleep.”

– Hannah, Devon


“I was finding that the pain from my arthritis was slowing me down a lot. The oil has helped me carry on as usual but without the impact of the pain.”

–  Harvey, South Bucks


“The performance oil is part of my triathlon tool kit, its invaluable during the event . It reduces muscle fatigue.”

– Tim, Triathlete


“I have suffered with bad at times, continuous sciatic nerve pain in my left hip. Since using ElleVance I have noticed a huge reduction in my ache. It has felt less inflamed and as a consequence, my sleep, which has always been affected, is now my best in years. Thoroughly recommend, great product.”

– Dominic, UK


“My panic attacks have significantly reduced since taking the ElleVance oil”

– Anonymous


“I suffer with osteoarthritis in my feet, knees and hips. It is considered to be at a severe level. My hospital consultant is keen for me to avoid surgery given my age and the fact that this would significantly impede on my lifestyle. However the pain levels have been so high over the last 6 months that I was at the point of giving in to the prospect of surgery and having to change my job and activities as a result. I was introduced to ElleVance Complete hemp oil exactly a week ago. For me the results are life changing in respect of pain reduction . and improved sleep quality, I am now able to sleep through the night. I am also able to do my job without the fear of how broken I will be at the end of the shift. It has fully exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this product to anyone suffering with chronic pain”


-Lorna, East Sussex

“I’ve been using this hemp oil myself for more than a year with fantastic support for my  hands, knee and back. With the proper dosing of the oil, I get consistent relief all day with minimal discomfort.
I’m a firm believer in the product. I can now enjoy my weekly golf and bowling events, and I can perform at a higher level in my daily exercise routine, which was not the case before. It helps me have a reliable and restful sleep each night which is a great bonus.”

– Bob, USA


Working as a physical health coach and managing a gym I also suffer with spondylolisthesis. This sometimes results in unbearable nerve pain through my hips and legs. I am obviously active and train to prevent surgery.
Taking the oil has helped nullify the pain and also helps me to sleep better. I instantly felt the effect after just a week and will continue to use the oil.  Thank you

– Kieran, UK


“I’m a middle-aged man who likes to exercise. More recently, I’ve started to feel my age, but am not ready to slow down yet. I’ve been using ElleVance myself for a number of months now. Without doubt, I appreciate the benefits of the product in that my joints ache less on a day to day basis; I can still enjoy and benefit from my sport. As this product is also more concentrated than others on the market, it means I have to consume less volume. Additionally, as ElleVance has a proven analysed content, I am confident that I am consuming a superior product.”

– Dave, Devon, UK


“In these difficult times, this is excellent service and works well – cant thank you enough.

Stay safe.”

– Angela

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