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Interview with Dan Stephens: Holistic Therapist and Hemp Teacher

As the potential benefits of hemp products become more apparent, more people are using them as part of their daily lives.

We’ve caught up with Dan Stephens, a complementary therapist who has created and teaches an accredited course on the use of hemp in therapies, to further understand the impact it’s making for real people.

Breaking New Ground

As with many of us, Dan’s first encounter with the idea of hemp products came through discovering it for himself online. “I was first introduced to hemp for use in a therapeutic setting through Facebook,” he told us.

“I saw a fellow therapist and author speak of cannabis medicine and how she was writing a book on the subject. At that time, her posts were quite negative, and it frustrated me, and so I had to comment. I spent quite a while researching at this time to improve my ability to argue my point.”

“After this debate, we both came out knowing more and being more open-minded. When her book was complete, I volunteered to read it and give her a review. In the book, a company was mentioned, and it turned out they were up the road from me, so I immediately went up and had a chat and tested their products on myself and my colleagues. After great results, I began offering it to my clients.”

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The Benefits of Hemp Products

Dan Stephens has since offered hemp products to his clients and seen similarly positive results in both their body and mind.

“As a professional Complementary Therapist, you have to not think of the body as a mechanical set of systems with their own pathologies, but a whole being, each system fundamentally interlinked, all physical ailments having a mental and/or emotional component.”

“Hemp oil works within this concept. It contains many compounds that work on the physical, but almost all of those same compounds work on the mental health through receptors in the brain and the reduction of inflammation within the body as a whole.”

“When combined with hands-on manual therapies such as massage, the client gets not only the benefits of the plant compounds but also the human touch and interaction which so many people lack nowadays. These benefits can be improved even further by working synergistically with aromatherapy and essential oils (this should be by people qualified as essential oils can actually cause serious health issues when not used correctly!)”

Changing the Mindset Around Hemp Products

Unfortunately, Dan, like many of us, has also experienced many misunderstandings concerning hemp products. “So many clients are worried about drug tests and the legality of the use of hemp,” he told us. “Once you explain how it is 100% legal and there is no high they are happy to try it.”

There is also the problem of overselling hemp’s benefits, something Dan encounters in his role as a teacher on hemp products. “I wrote a course on the basic use of hemp products in therapies, and there is so much information out there, much of it misrepresented.”

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Advice for First-Time Users

As more and more people develop an understanding of the actual potential benefits of hemp products, more are willing to try.

“Most complementary therapies are sadly seen as a last resort for many people with chronic pain conditions or even chronic conditions that aren’t painful but are annoying or just plain difficult. At this point many people are open to almost anything. Because hemp has had so much interest over the last few years, when you are able to promote this in your business, it does tend to get the client’s interest heightened.”

We asked Dan Stephens on the advice he gives to anybody interested in trying hemp products for the first time, and this is what he told us:

“Start low. Never go in for large doses straight away. Less is more with many natural therapies, and just because a little is good, doesn’t mean more will be better. With topicals, make sure you:

“1 – use a spatula to get the product out of the jar. Bacteria can quickly ruin any product containing water (creams and lotions).

And 2 – make sure you keep the lid on as much as possible. Of course the same applies with bacteria in the air as well as your fingers, but if the product is oil-based (ointments and balms), the oxygen in the air can oxidise the oils and make your product rancid.”

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Thank you, Dan, for taking the time to give us your insight into how hemp products are helping people seeking holistic therapies. Remember, we at Ellevance are one of the leading providers of hemp oil in the UK, with all our products tested in third-party laboratories to ensure a high-quality product you can trust.

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