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How to Spot a Hemp Oil Scam Online

The hemp industry has experienced something of a boom in recent years. As the public perception of this natural plant improves, and research into its potential continues to grow, more people than ever before are eager to experience some of its potential benefits.

Unfortunately, as with many breakthrough products, the growth of the hemp industry has led to people and businesses trying to make money from the hype.

Here at Ellevance, our excellent customer service and third-party testing laboratories ensure you’re getting a tried, tested and trusted product. However, we are increasingly contacted by people who have fallen victim of a costly hemp oil scam, being charged excessive amounts for no return.

Am I a Hemp Oil Scam Victim? The Telltale Signs…

Scams are not something new. They existed way before the internet, and will probably still exist way into the future. Many of us are now more than prepared for things such as phone scams, but when it comes to something new like purchasing hemp oils online, even streetwise people can come unstuck.

One of the main reasons people are falling for hemp oil scams is due to a lack of knowledge about the product in terms of price and potential.

The Miracle Claim

Many hemp oil scams will prey on the potential weaknesses of the victim by promoting the product as a ‘miracle cure’. A common point here is how hemp oil’s anti-inflammatory properties can help to reduce joint pain. Hemp oil will not completely remove joint pains and is not a replacement for traditional medicines.

If a company or individual is selling hemp oil with the promise that it will eradicate problems such as aching joints, insomnia or anxiety, this should be an immediate red flag. Here at Ellevance, we are open about the potential benefits of hemp oils, but also about the fact that it should not be used as a replacement for proper medical care in severe circumstances.

Trials and Subscriptions

In this modern world, almost everything is available as a subscription service. From TV to evening meals and even clothes, there is a subscription for everything, and many are honest and excellent services.

However, hemp oil is a new product that can be used at different times by different people. If you are being offered hemp products on subscription, this should be a warning to conduct more research into the provider. This point is particularly crucial if there is a hefty subscription fee involved, or if there’s the offer of a free sample which still requires payment details.

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How to Avoid Hemp Oil Scams

Unfortunately, if you have fallen victim of a scam, there’s often little that can be done to recover your money. To make sure you don’t lose out, here are some precautions you can take when purchasing hemp products.

Understand Hemp

One of the main reasons that hemp scams succeed is by grabbing attention through overstated claims. These exaggerations work because the general populace is still unsure about the real power of hemp oil.

While research continues into how hemp works, there is now enough research to state that taking hemp oil can help with a range of issues, including stress, sleep cycles and body pains. However, it is no replacement for traditional medicine if you have serious concerns about these issues.

Understand the Market

Beyond understanding hemp itself, you should also take the time to understand the growing hemp oil industry. Thankfully, there are many reputable sellers of hemp oils out there, including us at Ellevance, that you can use as a guide regarding things such as price.

By knowing the relative worth of hemp oil products, you’ll be able to spot where a company is offering products that are too cheap or expensive.

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Research the Company

If you want to buy products from a specific vendor, it pays to do some research into their business and operations. All reputable sellers should have an established brand and production process, all of which you should be able to analyse for yourself.

Note that some hemp oil scams will use the branding and websites of reputable companies, such as Ellevance, as a cover, tricking you into thinking you’re buying from somewhere else.

Contact the Provider

As some hemp oil scams can camouflage themselves as genuine companies, to make sure, it always pays to contact the provider directly to confirm what you’re looking at is authentic. Every hemp oil provider should be contactable and traceable, so this can provide final assurances before your purchase.

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Unfortunately, scams are a consistent part of our lives. However, armed with the right information, you can ensure you don’t fall for these tricks.

Remember, here at Ellevance, we are one of the best providers of hemp oil in the UK. All our products are produced to the highest standards and verified by third-party laboratories, to ensure you are getting a quality product. For more information, feel free to contact our dedicated team.