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How to Ease Overwhelming Feelings

In a busy modern world of fast-paced living, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed sometimes.

Everybody reacts to feelings of stress or anxiety differently, but they are emotions that everyone will face at various points in their lives.

Learning to deal with these feelings healthily will be essential if you are on a journey of personal wellness and want to enjoy a more positive lifestyle.

When facing an intense emotional dilemma, thinking clearly and acting rationally can be challenging; overwhelming feelings have the potential to negatively impact multiple aspects of your life.

You may find yourself asking what you can do to ease overwhelming feelings when you find that you cannot deal with them effectively. Here, we suggest some ways to help.

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Before jumping to the solutions, it can be helpful to recognise and confront the causes of extreme stress, anxiety or other overwhelming emotions.

Being overwhelmed is more than just feeling a negative emotion; by definition, to be emotionally overwhelmed means being so consumed by a problem that you become unable to think about fixing or confronting it. It can be a paralyzing force that leaves you feeling helpless and overcome by unyielding feelings.

Some things that may cause an individual to become emotionally overwhelmed include:

• A stressful time at work or unemployment.
• Physical or mental illnesses.
• Relationship or familial issues.
• A lack of proper nutrition or sleep.
• Deadlines, whether at home or work.
• Losing a loved one.
• Significant or sudden life changes.
• Trauma.

Coping Methods

Before trying any coping methods to ease overwhelming feelings, the seemingly simple act of accepting your stress or anxiety can be a step in the right direction.

Try to remember that you will find your way to the other side of an emotional crisis, even when it can be hard to imagine in the moment.

Take a Walk

Taking a few moments to stretch your muscles and get some fresh air in your lungs can do wonders. Doing even a little bit of exercise releases endorphins and has the potential to clear your head.

The physical act of temporarily walking away from a stressful situation can help you gain some distance not only from the situation but also your own feelings.

Walking will give you a moment of peace and provide you with some time to zone out or sort your thoughts, depending on what you need.

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Take a Break

If you don’t have the ability to take a walk, then taking a mental break can be just as useful.

Guided imagery and visualisation exercises can help to quiet your mind and access a ‘happy place’ that is momentarily free from the stresses of the day.

Listening to your favourite tune or some relaxing music can also help to transport your mind and ease you back into a healthy mindset.

Take a Bath

Taking a bath gives you the opportunity to take a mental break while you also take care of your body.

Hot water can help to relax tense muscles, and the simple act of focusing on filling up the bath or washing your hair can help take your mind off the things that are overwhelming you.

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This is a commonly recommended solution for many situations, but it can really help! Counting your breaths or practising deep breathing exercises can be used to reverse the stress response.

Getting into a routine where you perform regular breathing exercises is beneficial when aiming to combat chronic stress.

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Take a nap! If you have the time, a quick nap or even just closing your eyes for a moment can help relax your body and mind. When you wake up, the situation that prompted your intense emotions may not seem so daunting.

Cultivating a healthy sleep cycle and routine will also be beneficial for your general health in the long run.

Natural Calming Agents

If you struggle to deal with overwhelming feelings, then it may be worth considering trying a hemp oil for stress or anxiety. Several studies have shown the positive calming effects of hemp oil when taken to help combat feelings of stress, anxiety and the overwhelming pressures of modern life. Hemp oil can be beneficial, but it should not be considered as a replacement for seeking professional help if you are experiencing serious and persistent stress concerns.

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Here at ElleVance, we are dedicated to promoting the benefits of hemp for anxiety that have been backed by science. If this article resonated with you, you may also be interested in our post on coping with stress.