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Hemp for Women

The effects and uses of high-quality hemp oil vary from person to person and can depend on their reason for taking it. Hemp oil is thought to promote homeostasis, which is why its benefits are so varied, as it can help to balance different elements in the body. Biologically speaking, women have a different equilibrium to men, so it makes sense to wonder whether hemp oil may have specific benefits.

Be aware of miracle claims.

There are many companies out there who make sensational and unbacked claims about hemp oil, making it sound like a miracle cure. At ElleVance, while we are confident in the quality and effectiveness of our products, we also extensively research the real scientific benefits of hemp. We urge people to research before buying and always use a company that can offer third-party, independent laboratory test certificates.

NB – If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult a health professional before taking hemp oil. If any of the symptoms listed below are severe or causing you to worry, we advise you to speak to your GP.

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Does Hemp Oil Have Benefits for Women?

Women’s hormonal changes and the effects will vary depending on the individual; for example, some women experience much more extreme symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) than others. This can include mood swings and changes in appetite. What is generally agreed upon, however, is that women suffer from more extreme hormonal fluctuations than men.

Other symptoms of PMS include anxiety, rosacea, acne, bloating, cramps, headaches, tiredness or trouble sleeping. While there is currently no evidence to suggest that hemp can help to regulate hormones, there is research surrounding the alleviation of many of the symptoms caused by PMS, for example, difficulty sleeping.

So, how can hemp oil help women?

Hemp for Menstrual Cramps and Back Pain

Hemp is a natural anti-inflammatory, and it’s this property that may help to reduce menstrual cramps and back pain caused by PMS. More research is needed to determine whether hemp oil for menstrual cramps could have any benefits, but it is thought that it can help to soothe uncomfortable bloating and the resulting aches and pains.

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Hemp for Mood Swings

A lot of women experience some kind of emotional imbalance at stages in their cycle, caused by changes in oestrogen and progesterone. The effects greatly vary, but some women can experience high levels of anxiety, stress and irritability.

We know that hemp oil can go a long way in reducing stress levels so it may help those who are feeling overwhelmed. Furthermore, hemp oil can help reduce muscle fatigue and speed up recovery; exercise is a fantastic way to reduce stress and anxiety.

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Hemp for Skin and Hair

Hormones can cause breakouts and make hair feel greasy. There are a considerable number of hemp beauty products that claim to have benefits for hair and skin, although there is very little research to support these claims. If you are thinking of trying a hemp skin or hair product, make sure you find a company that can prove their products contain a percentage of hemp oil.

Hemp for Sleep Troubles

Problems with sleep cycles and the quality of sleep can be affected by PMS and menopause. Full-spectrum hemp oil can help to regulate sleep cycles; many users also comment on their improved quality of sleep.

For more information on hemp oil, you might be interested in Does Hemp Support the Immune System? ElleVance specialises in premium-quality hemp products, including balms, oils, capsules and sports performance supplements. Our assured quality comes from certified batch tests and years of research.

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