How Does Finding Balance Promote Wellbeing?

Balance is something we don’t always consider when it comes to self-improvement or wellbeing. It is, however, an essential part of life, and if you are looking to achieve a better equilibrium, it is worth knowing more about it.

Do I Need to Find Balance?

You would be surprised at the number of people who are struggling to find balance in their life without realising, and how it can have a knock-on effect. With each year that passes, it seems that life gets busier, to-do lists get longer, and weeks disappear more quickly. If you feel as though you don’t have enough time to complete your priorities, obligations and activities, it may be because you are struggling to find balance.

Further Signs

Other indications that you need better life balance include:

  • Feeling stressed and out of control.
  • Feeling guilty for not dedicating enough time to specific areas of your life or feeling like you should always be doing something else.
  • Experiencing a lack of energy and enthusiasm for things you used to enjoy.

A feeling of stress or being overwhelmed can be hugely negative on mental and physical health, as well as work and relationships, so it’s essential to understand how you can combat this.

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What is a Balanced Lifestyle?

Put simply; a balanced lifestyle is being able to achieve a reasonable amount of tasks and activities, both necessary and fun, without feeling guilty or torn. As we are all unique, balance will look different for everyone. Some people prefer structure and routine whereas others are more flexible, it’s all about finding out what is right for you.


We’ve all heard about the importance of a work-life balance, but how do we know if we are achieving it? There are several signs that you are not achieving the right work-life balance, including:

  • Feeling unhappy about the amount of time you spend at or devote to work.
  • Working out of hours and during weekends.
  • Feeling as though your employer is putting too much pressure on you.
  • Feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope with workload.
  • Being unable to switch off during downtime or before sleep.

Diet and Exercise

Balance is also a common term used to describe diet and exercise, and we are often told to ‘enjoy as part of a balanced lifestyle’. But what does this actually mean?

It is incredibly beneficial for both our mental and physical health to adopt a lifestyle that incorporates a healthy diet and exercise. Taking time out to exercise and being mindful of nutrition is important; however, it should not take over your life or cause you additional worry or stress. In essence, you should be taking reasonable steps to ensure these factors are considered, but also consider other aspects of your life that are important to you.

How Can I Achieve Balance?

A balanced lifestyle will be unique to everyone based on their own commitments and preferences, although the key factors to achieving balance will be the same for everyone.

  • Prioritise and spread your time accordingly – over committing yourself can cause stress and burnout.
  • Be organised – if you feel like you need to cut down, try making a list of your essential and non-essential commitments and make sure you have the time for them.
  • Ask for help if you are struggling at work – as an employer, it is your company’s responsibility to ensure the wellbeing of their staff.
  • Be mindful of your diet and take time out for self-care and exercise.
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How Does Finding Balance Promote Wellbeing? – Summary

The steps we have mentioned here are the perfect foundations on which to become more mindful and organised in day to day life. By caring for yourself and your loved ones from the ground up, you are allowing yourself the opportunity to apply time and thought into being the best version of yourself.

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