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Easy at Home Workouts to Reduce Anxiety

Being cooped up at home for whatever reason can be frustrating, and it is important to maintain a routine and stay as healthy and happy as possible. Exercise is a powerful tool to help keep the body healthy, and it’s near enough essential to reduce levels of anxiety.

With this in mind, we want to share with you some of the best tips, people and links we could think of to help keep you and your family active at home.

NB – Please remember to exercise safely! Ensure there is enough room for your chosen activity and consider using a yoga mat for additional protection.

NHS 10-Minute Workouts

The NHS website has some fantastic advice on short, equipment-free workouts that you can do in your own home. The advice also includes an additional 6-minute warm-up. There are six exercises to choose from which can be rotated to work on a different area of fitness or focus on one area in particular.

The Body Coach – PE with Joe

Now with over 3.2m Instagram followers, The Body Coach, real name Joe Wicks, has recently shot to stardom with his 30-minute live workout videos which are available for free on YouTube. The videos, which have been praised by parents of children, are also great for teenagers and adults and are designed to get you up and moving in the mornings.

Smartphone Apps

Modern technology is a marvellous way to stay connected, and at-home exercising is no exception. There are a number of great apps out there that allow you to tailor the length and intensity of your workouts, as well as the option to include any equipment you may have. Some of our favourites include:
· Daily Yoga
· 7 Minute Workout
· Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer
· Burpee Workout


For those who are looking for a fancy bit of kit, the Peloton bike and accompanying app are the 21st Century way to work out. The Peloton Bike is a state of the art at-home fitness bike that can track fitness data and offers live spin workout sessions as well as a diverse online library.

The app can also be downloaded and used separately from the bike, with a wide variety of exercise options including boot camp, yoga and strength training.


Something that doesn’t require any skill or tutorials is dancing! Not only does having a boogie to your favourite music get you moving and stretching, but it can also provide a much-needed mood boost.

As humans, we have created, listened to and danced to music throughout our history and studies show that music can help to reduce levels of cortisol, which is the hormone responsible for feelings of stress.

Furthermore, music and singing have been shown to reduce pain and even inflammation, so if traditional workouts are not for you, try turning up your favourite tunes and enjoy trouble-free dance exercise.

Exercise for Older Adults

Older adults or those with limited mobility may struggle to keep moving when staying indoors. There are lots of low impact forms of exercise that can be done to get moving; a simple walk around the garden or seated exercise can be incredibly beneficial.

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How Does Exercise Reduce Anxiety?

Physical activity causes the body to produce endorphins, which are chemicals in the brain that have a variety of benefits, including pain reduction and mood-boosting.

Endorphins can also promote sleep which in turn can have a range of physical and mental benefits, including stress reduction and a reduced risk of cardiovascular and heart disease.

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