How Do You Compare The Potency Of Different Hemp Products?

How Do You Compare The Potency Of Different Hemp Products?

How do You Compare the Potency of Different Hemp Products?

It can be unclear how to compare how much active ingredient is in different Hemp products.

After all, we are all looking for value for money, and we want to know the amount we are buying per £.

All products should tell you how many milligrams (mg) of active hemp they contain, preferably both per mL and per bottle.

Divide the price by the milligrams to get the £/MG of product and gauge its strength.

Good quality products will also state on the label the main ingredients they contain.

Be Cautious of Poor-Quality Hemp

Beware, one Hemp product may not have the same effect as the next. As we said above, additional beneficial compounds can only be found in a complete hemp extract.

Many Hemp products on the market today come from companies with inadequate quality control over what’s in their product.

We recently conducted a study of over 30 products by testing their composition at a third-party laboratory. We found the vast majority had significantly less Hemp in them than they claimed.

Moreover, in Four Cases There Was NO Hemp Found!

The BBC and the Centre for Medicinal conducted similar surveys with equally concerning results.

Do your research and go with a company you can trust.

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